[Micronet] We've Gone Live! - New Chart of Accounts (COA) Validation Application

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[Micronet] We've Gone Live! - New Chart of Accounts (COA) Validation Application

Laurie Millward
Berkeley Financial Systems (BFS) is proud to announce the release of our new Chart of Accounts (COA) Validation application.

Here is the link to the new system http://coa.is.berkeley.edu.

The new application offers users real-time data validation against BFS with a simplified, user-friendly interface. Users can validate a single COA string, a SpeedType, or upload a file for validation, all on the same page.

All the functionality of the previous application has been maintained, plus we have added the following enhancements:
  • Data Validation against real-time data from BFS (the former system validates against yesterday's data)
  • A warning when Grant Funds have expired
  • Quick file processing done via the online application (users no longer need to download the application to their desktop)
  • A User Interface that has been designed for use with Mobile Apps
  • Support of Synchronous/Asynchronous and REST/SOAP messaging with a single XML data structure
  • The ability to schedule a file for Batch processing

For your convenience, the previous system at http://coa.berkeley.edu will continue to be available until it is retired on November 30, 2012. Please convert your business processes accordingly.

If you have questions about this, please contact the BFS Help Desk at [hidden email] or 642-8500, Option 4, 2.
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