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Claudia A. WATERS

Hi all,

Our department s looking for someone to help us continue to develop and maintain our website.  At this time we are advertising on the student job site:



However, we haven’t gotten any applications.  Perhaps students have other income sources.  Below is the job description.  If you aren’t a student and can’t access the website, feel free to contact me at [hidden email], 643-6668.  Preference will be give to laid-off IT staff with experience in web, especially php, mysql, Wordpress.  Description is based on the Application Programmer 2 series.


Job Description:

summer-20 hours/week

academic year-10-20 hours/week, negotiable depending on experience


This position is part of a team of three that under general supervision of the School’s computing manager, develops, modifies, tests, and evaluates the School’s web applications and processes.  The work includes test-to-production processes, quality assurance, maintenance and documentation of applications.


Under general supervision, duties are:

*Designs, develops, modifies, debugs, and evaluates basic programs using PHP, Mysql, web scripting, applying professional application programming concepts.


*Analyzes existing programs - - web applications and web processes


*Designs and uses basic relational databases in Mysql and Access.


If time permits, assist in these areas:


Deploy ghost images for the School’s workstations and assist in the maintenance of the School’s active directory and Window’s virtual server.


*Assist with implementation of changes in development, maintenance, and system standards, including security systems




Job Qualifications


*Must have knowledge and experience of PHP, Mysql, Wordpress, Windows, Unix.  Experience with Drupal desirable


*Must have knowledge relating to the design and development of applications programs and department processes and procedures


*Must be able to communicate technical information in a clear and concise manner and to work with technical and non-technical personnel




Rate is $15.00 - $17.86 per hour or negotiable depending on experience.


website: socialwelfare.berkeley.edu





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