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[Micronet] Welcome to the new Micronet Chair, Chris Kosienski

Claudia A. WATERS
Hello Micronetters!

I want to introduce you to the new Micronet Chair.  Chris Kosienski has enthusiastically agreed to take over this job.   

Chris is currently a Business Technical Analyst in Campus Shared Services IT, working for their Strategic Initiatives team to help on-board all new IT departments. In his last five years on Campus, he's worked as a part of Cal Dining's operations team, and later with Residential and Student Services Programs IT during their transition to a more centralized service model covering all Student Affairs departments. 

When I met Chris, the first thing that struck me was his energy and enthusiasm.  Chris, I wish you the best of luck in taking on this great position.  Micronet is fortunate to have you at this time of  transition and renewal.

Thank you 


Claudia Waters
Lecturer in Statistics
School of Social Welfare
University of California
(510) 643-6668

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