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[Micronet] What software do you use to manage projects?

Tim Heidinger
Hi all,

I'm trying to collect some data on what software people use to managing projects on campus. 

Your response to the short survey below is much appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Tim Heidinger <[hidden email]>
University of California, Berkeley
Student Affairs Information Technology
Skype: theidinger  Phone: (510) 629-4272

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online: 

Project Management Software Usage

What kinds of software do you use to manage small/simple projects as well as large/complex projects?
Your berkeley.edu username will be recorded when you submit this form.

    Campus hosted or licensed Project Management Tools

    bConnected Spreadsheets (Google)
    Confluence (http://wikihub.berkeley.edu)
    CP Unifier (Capital Projects)
    EclipsePPM (OE Projects)
    Jira (http://jira.berkeley.edu)
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Project
    Microsoft Sharepoint (http://CalShare.berkeley.edu)

    Vendor hosted or other types of Project Management Tools

    Asana (https://asana.com/)
    AtTask (http://www.attask.com/)
    BaseCampHQ (https://basecamp.com
    SmartSheet (http://www.smartsheet.com/)
    TeamworkPM (http://www.teamwork.net)
    Wrike (https://www.wrike.com)
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