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I was wondering if anyone out there has implemented or had luck with making a windows 7 kiosk. We have used MS SteadyState for win XP with success, however we haven’t found a solution for Win 7.  What I’d llike to see is an OS that ‘resets’ itself every evening to a pristine version with a locked profile. We do not want to use AD policies on this, we’d like it stand-alone.


I know there are third party progs out there like ‘deep freeze,’ we’d just like to see what the campus community has implemented in regard to making Win 7 a kiosk using free tools(if any).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Lawrence Felipe

FSIT  Room 240

University of California, Berkeley

2000 Carleton St.  Berkeley, CA 94720-1384

Phone: 510-643-9835

Cell: 510-499-1539

[hidden email]



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