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[Micronet] Windows 7 64 , BFS & BAIRS

Bruce Satow
I've set up Windows 7 64 bit on our business office computers.  The
folks use BFS and BAIRS w/ the hyperion plug-in for both IE8 and Firefox
3.5.9 and using IRWC (Interactive Reporting Web Client) for their work.

The hyperion plugin for BAIRS can be downloaded from
http://software.berkeley.edu.  It should be downloaded and run locally
using the provided batch files.  You can use IE8 and run the IE9 blocker
to prevent MS from updating the browser.  (I'm hoping it will block it
or there's going to be a lot more work for me after the holidays...)

There are some issues using Adobe Acrobat 9 and printing PDFs in BFS pop
up windows in IE8 in Win7 64 bit.  If anyone knows a workaround for
this, I'd sure like to know.  Using Acrobat X (10)  does not correct the
problem.   I do not know if this problem happens when running Win 7 32
bit.   I have them use Firefox to print the PDFs.

Firefox 3.5.9 work fine except that the pop-up screen sometimes cuts the
font visually in half.  However, it will print the PDFs out fine.  In
Firefox 3.5.9 you need to turn off the auto-updater for the browser and
all the plugins and add-ons so it won't upgrade itself.

Of course you have to add exceptions to the pop-up blockers on both
browsers and other tweaks.  It isn't perfect, but so far the folks are
working ok.

Eventually what needs to be done, IMHO is making BAIRS and the Hyperion
plugin compatible with IE9 and Firefox 8 as well as with Adobe Acrobat
X.   I'm still worried about vulnerabilities on the older browsers.

Security Advisories for Firefox 3.5

 From the wiki
"According to the latest information, Secunia reports that IE6 has 24
known unpatched vulnerabilities, IE7 has 11, and IE8 has 4. The most
severe unpatched Secunia advisories affecting Microsoft Internet
Explorer 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x with all vendor patches applied, are all
rated Extremely critical. The oldest known unpatched vulnerabilities for
IE6, IE7, and IE8 date from November 7, 2003, June 6, 2006, and February
26, 2007 respectively."

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