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[Micronet] bMail problems with Thunderbird

Bruce Satow
The administrative folks here use Thunderbird as their primary email client.

Under Calmail their email folder structure worked fine under Thunderbird.  The users could move email from one folder to another without problem.  A typical user would have an Inbox, Drafts, Templates, Sent, Archives, and Trash folder as well as their own custom created folders.  Within each of those folders, there can be nested subfolders.  This provides an organizational structure within their email client to handle and track all of the lab's business correspondences.   Things worked properly.

After the migration from Calmail to bMail,  Using Thunderbird has been very problematic.  Our users are experiencing problems moving email from one "folder" to another.   An error message would pop up in Thunderbird, stating that the folder does not exist or a new folder needs to be created.

On my bMail account using Thunderbird, I have a folder that is called gMail and all my email folders from Calmail were migrated under it. 

I noticed that the gMail folder name is grey and italic.  The other folder names nested under it have normal, dark, regular font.  Does that mean that the gMail folder is an actual subdirectory?  When I tried to create a folder at the same level as the gMail folder it is not greyed out or italicized.    I have no problems moving email between the folder names in normal font, but I noticed that I cannot directly put an email directly in a folder that is greyed and italicized, I can only create folders within them.

After the migration, some of the administrative users "folders" were duplicated in name, but not in content.  In other words, two folders with the same name exist at the same level, but the contents were different.  The dates and the emails correlated with the two migrations, the first was around October/December and the second was the final move to bMail.

Is there any way to correct this problem?  of not being able to move emails from folder to folder?


Another thing that I would like to mention is the ridiculousness of having to use another browser like Chrome for bMail. 


1.) Campus webapps like BFS, BAIRS, CalAnswers, etc., do not officially support Firefox above 3.6 and I.E. 8

2.) bMail, Calendar, Drive do not support IE8 and Firefox 3.6.

So you end up with an administrative computer that now has three browsers.  Kinda weird ...

  Bruce Satow
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  Space Sciences Laboratory
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