[Micronet] iTunes 9.2 scrambles iTunes U tracks!

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[Micronet] iTunes 9.2 scrambles iTunes U tracks!

Yau-Man Chan
I upgraded to iTunes 9.2 and iOS4 on my iPhone and my iTunes U
collections are now scrambled.  The sort order of the tracks in many of
the iTunes U collections are now in some random order.  There seem to be
no way to resort them correctly.  On the computer, the only way is to
create a Playlist then move the collection to the playlist and sort the
tracks there.  BUT that playlist will not sync to the iPhone. I can
force it to sync only if I go to the list and change the "Media kind"
for all the tracks from "iTunes U" to "Music" or "Podcast."  But that
moves all those tracks from the iTunes Library to the Music/Podcast
Library!!! Playlists that contain tracks with "iTunes U" as media kind
do not sync! Bad Apple.. Am I the only one who really want my 36 tracks
of "Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior" to stay in my iTunes
U library and not be in my Music Library?

I think the error is in iTunes rather than iOS4 so hopefully there's a
bug-fix release soon.  Anyone with a work-around would be appreciated.


Yau-Man Chan
Chief Technology Officer
College of Chemistry
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1460

Office: 510-643-1034
FAX: 510-643-6178
[hidden email]

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