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Sara Leavitt

We are seeking a web developer to join us in Communications & Public
Affairs. Is that you?

Picture yourself collaborating with a great team on projects that make a
difference, e.g.,

http://www.berkeley.edu (ExpressionEngine/php/MySQL/JQuery)
http://news.berkeley.edu (WordPress/php/MySQL/JQuery)
http://events.berkeley.edu (php/MySQL/XML/XSLT)
http://calday.berkeley.edu (php/MSSQL/ColdFusion/JQuery)

This full-time permanent position will apply advanced applications
programming concepts to design, develop, modify, test, debug, and
evaluate highly complex programs for the gateway, news, events calendar,
and other enterprise-wide and highly visible web communications. You can
read the full job description at


Some of the perks of working here at 2200 Bancroft include pleasant
office environment, kitchen & patio for breaks, short walk to downtown
(Berkeley Bowl too!) And last but not least, a collegial group of
developers, designers, and content creators who know how to get stuff
done (with humor and a sense of fun).

Curious to learn more? Contact me if you have questions. Confidentiality


Sara Leavitt, Web Architect
UC Berkeley Office of Communications & Public Affairs
2200 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720-4204
Phone: 510 643-6163

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