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Phyllis Orrick

At first glance, this looks like a pretty slick presentation tool.

I'd be interested in any reactions to the technology used. In this case, it's presenting Law School Dean Edley's arguments to the Regents in favor of online learning.


This presentation uses templates from articulatepresenter.com.

Couple of questions:
1. Does anyone else have experience with this software or similar software from other vendors?
2. UC Extension folks: you like it, obviously. What were your reasons for choosing it? What's the cost?
3. Accessibilty/code people: is this an acceptably accessible approach or does it require high-end browsers, or other things that might limit the audience for technical reasons?
4. Would it be feasible to refashion and use as a multi-media presentation tool on a Web site?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Phyllis Orrick
Phyllis Orrick
Communications and Outreach Manager
University of California, Berkeley
2614 Dwight Way #7374
Berkeley, CA 94720-7374
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Cell: 510-374-8107

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