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[Micronet] scripted log on to file share

Lucy Greco
i have a  few users that  are having problems  starting yesterday getting
access to my file shares .

 when the user goes to my computer  and click on the   mapped drive they
get the  following error
Windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This
connection has not been restored."

 the user is not doing any thing new i have not changed any  settings  or
any thing at all in fact i am home  sick all week. what could have
happened to make this stop working.
in my  GPO i have a user  group that is  scripted at log on to connect to
the share it has done this for over a year and no problem what would have
changed to make it stop working.
the dns for the share is  atcnas.campus.berkeley.edu
 so why would this stop working for my user.  we have all our work study
students and the staff members accessing the share this way through a few
different bang accounts what is happening. we need to get to the share
before school is in next week or  students will not get there books.

 they have even tryed to get on with the admin account and same thing.
please i need this fixed fast thanks lucy

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