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[Micronet] to nerd up for micronet coffee and trivia game re: BERKELEY IT

Vivian Sophia
This communication is for people who want to know more about the nerd bowl, AKA Berkeley IT Trivia games, AKA Micronet Coffee and Trivia Bowl

Think about:
Berkeley IT organization, units, partnerships
Berkeley IT campus-wide services
Things that everybody in Berkeley IT should know
Things that non-Berkeley-IT people would be unlikely to know unless they are Micronetters
Things that are so useful for most Berkeley IT people that they will probably know if off the top of their head - yes, freebies.
Things that Berkeley IT people probably don't know but it might be useful to them if they did - some of it might be obscure
Whats oh-so-Berkeley IT

Contribute questions, if you want. Or don't. 

The questions and their answers are being compiled in a random manner into a powerpoint that will be shared after the game.

If anybody wants to assist with running the game, let me know. 

If anybody is going to play, please let me know.

This game is  for people who think Berkeley IT is fascinating.

Vivian Sophia
Berkeley IT 
CSS IT High-Impact Client Support Lead
Micronet Community of Practice Coordinator
University of California, Berkeley
310B Durant Hall
<a href="tel:%28510%29%20541-6120" value="+15105416120" target="_blank">(510) 541-6120

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