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[Micronet] upgrading Eclipse w/ Maven2 support

Russell Connacher
Hi all,

I'm running Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2 on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8 and wanted
(innocently enough) to upgrade to the latest version of Eclipse -- "Indigo" or 3.7.

All went well enough except for Maven integration. The "m2eclipse" plug-in from
Sonatype I'd been using has now become an Eclipse project called "m2e" and
something that happened in that transition is eluding me.

I imported my existing project into a new, separate Eclipse workspace for
Indigo, configured it as a Maven project, ran mvn eclipse:eclipse on it from the
command line, and STILL I cannot get it to build using the pom file and it's
goals (in this case, using the maven-war-plugin). It cleans and builds, but
doesn't package.

Have any of you tried this and succeeded?

much tia,


Russell Connacher                   206 Evans Hall # 2924
Information Systems                 Berkeley, CA 94720-2924
Undergraduate Advising              (510) 643-9892
College of Letters & Science, UCB   [hidden email]

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