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Members of the Campus community, CalShare Site Collection Administrators and CalShare Users,


The CalShare Team has been working on the upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.  We are happy to announce the development upgrade environment is now available to everyone for evaluation and testing.


Access this environment via the development url The development environment is an actual upgrade of Production Data so you can truly evaluate how the upgrade impacts your site.  The data was pulled from a production backup(Mid December) and will be scrubbed after the production upgrade is complete.  Any changes to data in Dev will not impact production.  The paths to data and content in Dev are identical to production, the only change is the root URL.  For example if your production site is at just go to to access the dev site.


Please check out the main Dev URL for Important Dates, Key Architectural Changes and links to some additional resources.


General Questions can be sent to [hidden email] and a support ticket will be opened.  If you are having any site specific upgrade issues, please route those through your site collection administrator and they can open a support ticket via [hidden email].  If you are unsure who your Site Collection Administrators are they can be found here.


Key Dates


• CalShare Upgrade Overview/Process meeting, January 30th 1-2:30 PM at 2195 Hearst - Warren Hall Room 200C.  This meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.

• Scheduled production upgrade: currently on schedule for the weekend of 3/6-3/8



CalShare Team


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