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Devin Jones
A reminder about this meeting, with added details.
I'm cc'ing micronet as the STC offer is of interest beyond the software
development community.

Topic:  Projects, Plans and Pain-points
Friday, August 31
Time: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Location: Boalt Hall 141

This is our periodic meeting to check in on plans, works in progress and
common roadblocks.

We'll be joined by Skyler Rojas ([hidden email]), co-chair of
the Student Technology Council.  The STC represents student technology
needs to the CIO's office, and helps pair student technologists with
campus and community needs.  One of their initiatives is to work with
the Software Engineering class in the CompSci department (CS-169) to
expose students to real-life software projects.  Skyler writes:

    There is a software engineering course on campus named CS169 that is
interested in working with non-technical customers to build a web
application that will provide a service for your department. For the
course, students work in groups of 4-5 and build a Software as a Service
(SaaS) web application for a customer based on his/her specifications.
Students meet with the customer once every week or two weeks, but
ideally once a week. It is a 10-week project for this fall.

    Ruby on Rails (RoR, or Rails), the programming system used in this
course, is best suited to creating a web-based user interface,
especially for apps that benefit from collaboration or shared
information. Integration with site such as Facebook and Google Maps is
also possible. Proposals based on existing websites (with a few
variations) are also possible to be created.

    To give you an idea of what some students developed last year for
the Children's Hospital in Oakland, check out this video:

    Here are other examples (they typically represent a technological
need or improvement for a department) :

    -A web site that provides access to healthcare info translated into
various languages for under-served ethnic communities
    -A site that fosters informed debate on viewer-chosen topics, with
vote-up/vote-down mechanisms like StackOverflow or Reddit
    -A site that displays hyper-local info about your neighborhood, such
as crime stats, very local news items, etc; and others.

    Student projects are be chosen from the list of apps that different
groups wish to see developed. This is where you come in... What they
need from you is to suggest an application to be developed. Please
consider a service that your department needs and a high level
description of what you want (how you want the app to work, features,
functionality, etc.). Also, please let us know your willingness to email
with and meet with students, ideally once a week.

    Hope that was clear. If not, I can explain better in the meeting.

    See you and the AppNet team on Friday!


    Skyler Rojas
    Student Technology Council Co-Chair
    University of California, Berkeley
    B.A. Computer Science | 2015


On 8/15/2012 5:02 PM, Devin Jones wrote:

> Topic:  Projects, Plans and Pain-points
> Friday, August 31
> Time: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
> Location: Boalt Hall 141
> Description:
> What are you working on?
> What are you planning?
> What are your pain points?
> It's been a while since we've had a general-purpose meeting to share
> issues and solutions.
> This meeting will be in the round-robin format we used for our initial
> meetings, and we'll have a laptop and large display screens available.
> RSVP if you'd like to me add you to the bcal event.
> Cheers,
> Devin


Devin Jones
Manager of Software Development
UC Berkeley School of Law -- Boalt Hall
[hidden email]

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