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Devin Jones
Apologies for the last-minute fwd -

This is a meeting announcement for ad-hoc web-app developer community at

Please pass this along to your software developers.  Berkeley staff are
welcome to sign up for the mailing list to join the conversation and
receive meeting announcements in the future.


Devin Jones wrote:

> The next Web-Apps group meeting will be in 2195 Hearst 101A from 1:30 -
> 3:30 on Friday, September 24, 2010
> Kate Riley, IT Security Analyst for IST-Application Services,
> will be giving a demonstration of Session Hijacking.
> We'll explore other topics as time allows.
> If you RSVP to me, I'll add you to the CalAgenda meeting for this event
> after I get back from vacation mid next week.
> Cheers,
> Devin


Devin Jones
Manager of Software Development
UC Berkeley School of Law -- Boalt Hall
[hidden email]

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